"Feel The Power...Awaken Your Spirit...Share The Joy!" 
         Facilitated by Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT

Feel The Power...Awaken Your Spirit...Share The Joy!

"Throughout the ages, various cultures have tapped into rhythm-based music making as a community event that allows individuals of all ages to come together in unity for celebration, sharing, and healing." 

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ONE HEARTBEAT RHYTHM CIRCLES TM offers programs that invite social connection and community, support wellness and stress management, inspire creativity and self-expression, facilitate empowerment and learning, and enhance leisure and recreation.  We create safe, welcoming and accessible experiences and events for all ages, with some age restrictions based on the nature and focus of the event.  Our goal is to serve the individual and the community, empowering the discovery of the joys of interactive music-making. Rhythm is our tool.  We celebrate our humanity, unity and diversity and invite experienced players to share their spirit and join us in supporting those just beginning their rhythmic journey with respect, kindness and compassion.


Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT, Professional Drum Circle Facilitator, Music Therapist and HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator 
offers a variety of creative programs and services that invite individuals of all ages to re-discover their own personal rhythms for authentic and healthy living, creative self-expression, and celebrate community. 

ONE HEARTBEAT RHYTHM CIRCLES TM is a program division of services offered by Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT, ONE HEARTBEAT.  

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The Healing Power of Drumming...

"Since having major surgery nine months ago, this is the first experience that  I've had that has helped both sides of the brain feel balanced.
I can breathe easier and feel more coherent.  I would like to own a framed drum for continued self-healing".
R. D., One Heartbeat~ HealthRHYTHMS Participant, 2015

"It was a wonderful workshop.  Giselle helped us release and be in the present moment.  She was open and non-judgemental.  
Would love to attend another." 
 Albuquerque, NM ~HealthRHYTHMS Participant, 2015

"After Katrina, I re-settled in Albuquerque, still alive but faced with the monumental task of starting a new life and making new friends...I heard about (ONE HEARTBEAT RHYTHM CIRCLES) drum circle taking place at the Senior Center. I arrived there, carrying the world on my shoulders. Everyone was drumming away, the young, the very old, the newcomers like me, all with beaming faces. I was hooked instantly. Beating a drum resurrected me, body, mind and heart started re-connecting again. Now I have my own african drum...The beat of the drum has put me together again and I am looking forward to more drumming circles and new friends."   H. A., Albuquerque, NM August 2006

Giselle Felicia Vivian & Frank Vivian....Grab a drum and join us!

One Heartbeat Rhythm Circles™ Community Event participants say:

“Giselle & Frank create a wonderful, fun, inclusive community at every drum circle! Join in and see!” L. D., Albuquerque, NM  

"The Drumming Circle I attended a few years ago was fabulous! The energy was amazing, and I was very lifted up! "  D.M., Albuquerque, NM 

“Participating in One Heartbeat Rhythm Circles™ is a positive personal experience. To feel the vibration of the instruments, created by a group of rhythm makers, affirms for me the potential of unity, cooperation, and harmony among a diversity of people. While in the circle I know that the possibility of peace is real.” Rev. Norene Berry,Ordained Minister of Divine Science and Christian Mstruments for participants to use and experiment with are available at each session. I thoroughy enjoyed this valuable experience and left with a very positive feeling.” Marie Martinez, Teacher, Albuquerque, NM 
etaphysics, Divine Life Center , Albuquerque, NM    

“ ...Innovative, fun and enlightening. Giselle has wonderful energy and enthusiasm …It's surprising how much exercise one can get making music! ...The benefits last long after the session ends ...” June Curtice, Albuquerque, NM  

“I have attended Giselle’s “Drumming In The Park” and found her to be very skillful in facilitating the circle so that the group’s rhythm and beat remained constant and focused...An assortment of rhythm and percussion instruments for participants to use and experiment with are available at each session. I thoroughy enjoyed this valuable experience and left with a very positive feeling.” Marie Martinez, Teacher, Albuquerque, NM 

SIMPLE RHYTHMSTM Drumming Meditation Session participant says:

"Giselle's kindness and caring really put me at ease.  The vibration of love in the room was palpable.  It was a very moving, Spiritual experience." NH

By Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT  

Copyrighted 2011,2006       All rights reserved.

We all share in the natural rhythmic experience of our heartbeats and breath.  We live in a world beating in rhythm, from the music we listen to, the sound of the car’s wiper blades on a rainy day, the staccato of a jackhammer, or the trill of a small bird.  Rhythm is everywhere. 

When we begin to drum, we begin to get back in touch with our essential selves and reconnect to our personal life rhythms.  The longer we drum together, the more we begin to entrain to each other and co-create a rhythmic container for unity, community, connection, collaboration and celebration with others that leaves behind our differences and instead, reminds us how much we are alike.  With the support of a conscious rhythm-based event facilitator, group drumming events allow us to come together in a safe, fun and enjoyable way, sharing the unfolding spontaneous musical journey, and/or, the achievement of other non-musical goals.  You don’t need to own any percussion instruments because they are often provided for use during the event. 

Whether you drum alone or in a group, drumming can be a fun and beneficial activity.  It can be a tool to non-verbally vent stress and pent-up emotions, express your creative spirit, and help you assess and re-establish a healthy life rhythm. This activity has been so popular because it is accessible to everyone and requires no previous skills.  During a drum circle, we begin by establishing a basic pulse.  After you have selected an instrument to play, you can join in the drum call by matching the pulse being played, echoing it, or have fun making up your own part. From that point on, just remain conscious of the pulse of the moment and create a rhythm that flows easily within it.  There is no right or wrong. This is different from cultural drumming where traditions are observed and specific parts are dictated by the song.

Since each person is unique, our own individual rhythms will vary. When we drum with intention and awareness, we can find the rhythms that make us feel good, relax us and/or energize us. This awareness can transfer to the pace of our daily life activities and support creating a healthier personal life rhythm.     

Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT Professional Drum Circle Facilitator, Music therapist and HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator offers group and individual rhythm-based programs to meet a variety of interests.  Learn more by visiting our page:  Rhythm Programs & Special Event Facilitation  

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